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SunSpring Values

We transform leaders and leadership cultures, enabling their organizations and the people in them to be better versions of themselves. Our work impacts organizational success and the success of all the people connected to it. To accomplish this vision, we:

Foster Collaboration

  • Develop team environments at SunSpring in which members communicate and collaborate effectively, support one another, and leverage each others' expertise to produce superior results.
  • Maintain the highest standards of collaboration with our partners and clients. This includes establishing open, timely, and frequent communication as the norm; balancing the best interests of all parties and engaging in behaviors that generate and maintain trust.

Provide Thought Leadership

  • Produce and disseminate original writing on leadership topics.
  • Integrate latest research and thinking into client solutions.
  • Partner with recognized experts in areas of client’s organizational need.

Build Awareness of Organizational and Individual Constraints and Capabilities

  • Integrate robust assessments (e.g., competency proficiency, employee and customer satisfaction, and desired outcome evaluations) into all phases of leadership lifecycle and provide individual and organizational feedback to stimulate improvement.
  • Build programs that produce “ah ha” moments for organizations and their leaders.
  • Offer retreat opportunities that facilitate reflection, self-discovery, and awareness of team dynamics.

Drive Leadership Excellence in Individuals and Organizations

  • Build programs and solutions which are strategically aligned and operationally integrated.
  • Engage with leaders and organizations who are passionate about leadership excellence.
  • Approach leadership excellence systematically (whole cycle—i.e., from selection through hiring, development, performance management, and knowledge sharing and by considering and measuring the interrelationships, impacts and outcomes of leadership programs and processes).

Build Trust

  • We do what we say we are going to do.
  • Confront issues directly when they arise.
  • Identify the interests of each party involved in a project or other effort and attempt to find a course of action that meets the interests of all parties (and alert parties when their interests may not be met).
  • Encourage dialog to confirm communication of expectations, feedback, and responsibilities.

Emphasize Contribution

  • Contribute to the success of our clients and partners by providing high-value products and consulting services geared toward their needs.
  • Infuse rigor into the process and assess impact.
  • Deliver strategic, sustainable solutions that move our clients towards cultures of leadership excellence.
  • Advance knowledge and practice in our fields through writing, presentations, and communities of practice.

Create Innovative Work Environment

  • Encourage the use of flexible work arrangements and a flexible, total workforce (i.e., full-time employees, part-time employees, contractors, and partners).
  • Help clients establish creative and supportive environments (i.e., through leadership behaviors, performance management system, hiring, training, and other management processes).
  • Help clients integrate virtual technologies into operations to facilitate teaming and distance learning.

Demonstrate Authenticity and Integrity

  • Develop and maintain trust in all business relationships (i.e., with clients, associates, and consulting partners).
  • Build integrity into all decision making processes by ensuring adherence to legal and ethical requirements, organizational core values, and agreed upon performance expectations.