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Across the course of a coaching engagement, a client may face a diverse set of issues, such as guiding the development of a direct report, influencing an underperforming team, managing a change effort, altering a derailing personal behavior pattern, or preparing for a new leadership role or career change.  

Coaching is a complex process that requires a sophisticated understanding of human development, interpersonal interactions, team dynamics, and organizational contexts. 

SunSpring utilizes a network of independent coaches stemming from a variety of backgrounds. They include doctorate level I/O psychologists with specialties in leadership research, team development, and coaching, as well as clinical psychologists and certified coaches with strong backgrounds in leadership, team, and organizational development. 

We leverage their depth of experience in leadership, psychology, adult learning, and organizational development to act as sounding boards, strategic partners, leadership experts, and devil’s advocates for leaders seeking to hone their ability to produce superior results through others.

SunSpring's coaching approach is grounded in the belief that learning and development take place when participants are simultaneously engaged, challenged, and supported. 

Our coaches achieve that goal by supporting their clients in the interpretation of assessment data and feedback and through candid discussions about the impact and potential consequences of behavioral patterns. They support their clients in building robust development plans to address their development needs and blind spots while capitalizing on their strengths.